installation view (detail) HOMBROICH 2014

Anke Becker, Veronike Hinsberg, and Inken Reinert are working together on collaborative drawings since the year 2006.

Using colored pencils, felt-tip and ball-point pens, and other drawing media the three artists  create  complex “drawn conversations” akin a musical jam session. Every single sheet of the entire installations is a drawing made by the three of the artists.  Collaborative Drawing means that the artists are forced to interact with the lines and patterns of the others, to improvise, and to add individual variations to the main theme. In their collaborative drawings the artists emphasize visual dialogue over personal technique. Individual styles merge and intercept, contrast and complement each another, creating an illustrated refrain at once unified and unique.

By now the artists have created six room-filling, collaborative installations: OSORNO (2006-7), HENGILL (2009), OLOT (2011), QUEDLINBURG (with Juliane Laitzsch, 2012), HOMBROICH (2014) and LOOSE (2017/18) These collaborative installations are composed of numerous matching single pieces of paper. The drawing grows over the borders of one single sheet and can basically be expanded endlessly.